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You'll find a broad scope of information & services is available from Frypan Pardners -- whether you're hosting a trade show, shopping for booth space, shipping in display materials, or simply planning to attend an exposition event.

Show Organizer?


Custom contract services to Corporations, Organizations or Individuals planning a trade show, as a stand-alone occasion or setting up booth spaces as part of a larger happening. Free initial consultation.

Exhibitor or Vendor?


Find booth space in public events or private industry shows. Free consultation can help you schedule the right events

What It Takes!

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Every event is made from batches of small details; so keeping track of everything gets crazy-making.  We help you manage.  You select the slices of work to dish out and Frypan gets to cook'n on it.


Frypan Pardners can assist at any stage of the show process where you want help – before, during, after, or even the whole thing. You decide the scope of our pardnership. The outline below might give you some ideas about the event you’re planning.

Show Organizing Services

Budget Development As needed or desired, from thumbnail through detailed revenue projections, we can guide you
Site Selection & Negotiations Principal venues, Event centers, Hotels, Unique Locations
Layout General outline, working diagrams, marketing diagrams
Equipment & Decorating General outline, comparative pricing, rental oversight and/or management
Permits Identifying & securing -- Fire Marshal, City or Park Permits, etc.
Marketing Strategic concepts, event presentations for booth sales or project development
Advertising Tactical guidance, multimedia, artwork & production
Booth Sales As your representative or with bulk space presold to Frypan for turn-key results
Sponsorship Development As your representative only
On-site Event Management Set up & tear down, Participant move-in/out, Point of contact during event
On-site Customer Service Add-on furnishings or other services for your participants
Event Evaluation Post-production summary & review

Want more from your own exposition marketing efforts? We can help you on that front, too.

Exhibiting Services

Event discoveries or bookings We find & evaluate events for your exposition marketing schedule, then negotiate for space at your direction
Freight management We coordinate show-to-show or show-to-base movement of your exhibit materials
Exhibitor Training Let us work with your booth staff to maximize results from shows they attend. Training seminar can be tailored to your specific products and market approach.
Booth staffing Send us to represent you on-site at events. Minimize your staffing cost with professional exhibit attendants

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