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Frypan Pardners LLC provides contract services for companies or organizations hosting:

Trade Shows & Conferences, private industry or public events  
Festivals & Unique Activities, indoors or outside  
Banquets, Fundraisers, Parties & more  

Planners Choose -- contract just for selected services or go for turn-key management, Free Initial Consultation for Special Events.

Vendors, Exhibitors or Participants -- get information, forms or resources here

Frypan Advantage: A professional edge, at any point in planning or operation of your project


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Frypan Pardners is proud to serve each of its varied clients.
To learn more, just ask for references. 

For International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement exhibitors, we have a few special tools to to keep you safe from the flames.
Click on the ISHM logo in the Frypan and you’ll hop to right our ISHM page.