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Calendar Frypan Pardners LLC (Events Over Easy; Projects Well Done)


Our Mission: To Ensure Each Client's Event Success by providing the best, most dependable, time-saving project management Ė at any planning point that our client chooses to divide in-house and outsourced responsibilities.

In Addition, we provide excellent customer service for pre-event issues, including decorating and furnishing, freight services and move-in coordination, synchronized accommodations and transportation, or special needs. Our on-site services can address any question that might arise before, during and after your event.

We recognize that each event and its organizer present a unique situation; and so we seamlessly tailor our efforts in each -- or any -- step of event planning where our help is wanted. In the process of assisting, if we can de-mystify interim steps, develop participation or increase resources, then we also succeed in adding value to our client's production.

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Frypan Pardners, LLC
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