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Who is Frypan? History & Experience

About Betsy Fry, Frypan’s owner & project leader

  • Betsy’s 30+ years and range of experience covers every aspect of trade shows.
  • Producing her own events or developing trade shows nested within other’s events, she can take empty space and fill it with commerce for you.  You sell booth space, or have Frypan do that too.
  • Exhibiting at national shows for over a decade, she anticipates what vendors or exhibitors need and expect on the job.
  • As a decorator, Betsy knows logistics. Appearance is vital to your event, but it takes a lot more than just putting up some pipe & drape to make a show work well.

Who are the Pardners?

Obviously, we want folks to remember the name Fry, because Betsy Fry and her extensive experience is at the heart of all of we do. But it’s Frypan’s idea that everyone we work for is a Pardner. When we’re on the job for you, your priorities are central to success – and we mean that to include your concerns with venues, suppliers, participants, officials, and audience too.
It’s a responsive partnership, so we spell Pardner the way your sidekick would – the friendly way.